Design HMI is in Technology Application Consultancy working with you to apply latest innovations in your products. We investigate technologies for applications in lighting, switches, touch input devices, displays, plastic & electronics.

Intent is to help your engineering design team improve designs targeted towards adding value. This is through feature add or improvement, increased ergonomics & styling options, major direct cost reductions, improved reliability and better design for assembly, etc. Maintaining or improving current quality is always a given.

Innovations being implemented in one industry such as consumer electronics or commercial may have applications in medical or automotive.  Design HMI works to link innovations between different industries working with collaborators around the world.

Our process is as follows:

  • Identify innovations for HMI applications in automotive, medical, industrial, transport & consumer products by attending shows and seminars on a global basis and researching innovations in lighting, displays, switch inputs and product assembly.
  • Through tear down analysis identify design & feature improvements in current products.
  • Working with your engineering teams lead concept development with business case by integrating BIW components.
  • Help concept prototype development with Application Ready (AR) documentation.
  • Maintain and update list of 200+ technology companies.
  • Help create technology partnerships to share ER&D costs and reduce risk with fast to market products < 55 weeks from concept to production.
  • Help innovators by linking them to customer interface assembly product manufacturers.